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Hi there. I bought a powder coating gun from you quite a while ago and said that I would send you some pictures. I have some pictures of some bits I have painted at the two links below. I am more than willing that you can use any pictures you like, but the parts that are painted on any of the other pages of that site are painted at the factory where I work.
So only the Items on these two links are painted with your gun.
I Have painted an aweful lot of stuff with your gun and it is perfect for this kind of thing.
I have to say though that the items I have on the two links is by no means near to my best work, but because of their simplicity, I can sell them cheaper and this makes them more likely to sell. Like, simple but sweet on price.


The powder coater has done an excellent job of the parts so far,  unfortunately I made the mistake of telling my mates about it and I have had to do quite a bit for them as well,  maybe I should have kept quiet about how good it was until I had finished my bike;-) .

I use to spray quite a bit in 2pk paint but one of the thing that impressed me most about the DIY powder coating was I could sandblast the part and within 30 mins the item could be bolted on the bike fully cured, and ready to use.

Also if you get bored I have put some of the motor bike parts I have powder coated on my website,  you are welcome to have a look and use any photos if you think they are of any use, there are loads more parts I have done but struggling to find the time to update the website.

Also,  your new web site does look a lot better.



Hi there,

I thought you might like to see the results of using my Electrostatic Magic kit that I bought from you last year at the Newark Kit car show. I have coated a set of 'A' frame stands, one in satin black and the other I tried something different, a mix of black and orange to create a stripe effect which I felt worked quite well!
Due to the size of the components I couldnt not oven bake them, so I used a Paint Stripper/Heat Gun, which although time consuming, gave a great finish.

Im very impressed with the results achieved and how simple the kit was to use, especially when compared to normal spray painting methods. I'm looking forward to using it on more parts as my Kit Car build progresses.

Many thanks.



"I recently purchased one of you powder coating systems to do various bits, so the first thing I decided to coat was my spare set of motocross wheels, after shot blasting I used the system as instructed, hell was I impressed when i saw what they came out like, in fact so was every one who saw the results, I have people queing up for me to do their wheels & other bits on bikes. 

Very good product & so easy to use, thank you and look forward to dealing with you in the future"

- Paul Jenkins

Customers Oven

Jan 18 2011 | 0 comments

DIY Powder Coating Oven

Curing large parts can sometimes be inconvinent, however one our our customers has sent us his soloution, please find as follows his cost effective soloution:-

  • 1x Ikea metal Cabinet 60x50x50 (£26)
  • 2x 3000w hot air paint stripping guns ( from Lidle @£19 each)
  • 1 Meat cooking thermometer (£4 must read 200'c)
  • 2 large metal hose clamps to suit the paint gun nozzle ( 65p each )
  • Copper water pipe ( about 65cm)
  • Ally Sheet ( 2x 15cm squares)
  • Pop rivets( could be self tapers)
  • Assembled the Cabinet but leave out the middle shelf ( I left off the wheels for another project )
  • Drill 2 holes in the top to suit the size of the Paint guns nozzle ( mine were 38mm),these need to be near the door and near the sides . Fx clamps to heat guns so they don't drop all the way through the holes ( stop the elements getting to hot .)
  • Flatten ends of copper pipe and bend up to suit width cabinet on the inside, rivet close to the top and about in the middle of the sides to produce a hanging rail
  • Rivet the ally over louvered holes in the front door ( I need to do this to get the temp up)
  • Do not cover up hole in base at back as through flow of air is needed to stop guns over heating and I use this for extracting while coating.
  • Drill small hole in door in the middle about 1/3 up for the meat thermometer
  • See photos to follow Oven construction
  • Oven is Ready to use .

In use
Degrease Items to be coated and hang in oven, Warm oven to about 100c for a few minutes to dry off items. Powder coat. Shut door , start up both heat guns. Keep an eye on the temp gauge when it gets to 180'C ( about 10 minutes) start timing you might have to power down the heat guns a bit to stop the temp going to high it the end of Curing time (10 minutes for the Black I used ) switch heat guns off when oven has cooled down ( at least below 50'c) remove any masking while still hot and gooey.


Note:- If in doub't allways take professional advise when building and using any equipment

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