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DIY Powder Coating Oven

DIY Powder Coating Oven


The powder coater has done an excellent job of the parts so far,  unfortunately I made the mistake of telling my mates about it and I have had to do quite a bit for them as well,  maybe I should have kept quiet about how good it was until I had finished my bike;-) .

I use to spray quite a bit in 2pk paint but one of the thing that impressed me most about the DIY powder coating was I could sandblast the part and within 30 mins the item could be bolted on the bike fully cured, and ready to use.

Also if you get bored I have put some of the motor bike parts I have powder coated on my website,  you are welcome to have a look and use any photos if you think they are of any use, there are loads more parts I have done but struggling to find the time to update the website.

Also,  your new web site does look a lot better.



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