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New Powder Coating Colours for May 2023

New Powder Coating Colours for May 2023

new powder costing colours

We are introducing our captivating collection of new powder-coating colours!

We are thrilled to present a range of attractive options that will enhance the beauty and durability of your surfaces. So whether you're looking for a sophisticated sheen or a subtle matte finish, our palette is designed to meet your every need.

Olive Green Gloss

Embrace the natural elegance of Olive Green Gloss, a rich and vibrant shade that brings a touch of serenity to any project

Gold Satin

For a touch of luxury, Gold Satin offers a lustrous and luxurious appeal, exuding warmth and refinement.

Bronze Satin

Bronze Satin provides a distinctive earthy tone, adding timeless elegance to your surfaces.

Grey Sand Finish

Grey Sand Finish offers a contemporary aesthetic for a unique textured finish, combining the softness of grey with the intrigue of a sand-like texture.

BRG Gloss

BRG Gloss, with its bold and vivid appearance, delivers a burst of energy and personality to your creations.

Aqua Gloss

Indulge in the refreshing charm of Aqua Gloss, a colour that evokes tranquillity and a sense of coastal bliss.

Off White Matt

Mid Grey Matt

Alternatively, opt for the subtle sophistication of Off-White Matt or Mid Grey Matt, perfect for creating a refined and understated ambience.

Ruby Gloss

Make a bold statement with Ruby Gloss, a captivating colour that exudes passion and vitality.

Naval Grey

Finally, explore the elegance of Naval Grey, a timeless hue that effortlessly complements modern and traditional designs.

With our diverse and captivating range of powder coating colours, your surfaces will come alive with beauty and style.

Please choose from our exceptional collection of POWDER COATING POWDERS and bring your vision to life.

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