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Will the powder fall off the component easily if I shake it?

No, Only excess powder will fall off, as once the powder is attracted it is fairly resilient to vibration.

How quick can I change colours?

If using at minimum a 6 litre receiver compressor it will take around 1 to 2 minutes.

Is it possible to mask parts off that will then go up to 180 deg C?

Yes, we sell a high temperature masking tape that are rated up to 200 deg c, however you can use normal masking tape as long as you remove it while still warm (without burning your fingers!)

Is an extraction system mandatory?

No, but it is a nice luxury. So long as you are not looking at powder coating for extended periods you can use a good quality mask and adequate ventilation, let the excess powder fall to the floor and sweep it up afterwards.

Can you powder coat straight over rust?

No, the problem that you get is while curing the rust will react and 'gas off' through the powder leaving a porous looking finish. Rust is best removed using either mechanical (grinding/sanding) methods or sand blasted would be better on more intricate components.

Can you easily re-coat a component if you are not satisfied with the finish or colour.

Yes, this is quite easy with our 'Easy Coat' powder coating system. Simply apply the powder and then re-cure as normal at 180 deg c for 10 minutes.

How do I cure large components?

This is best done in a large industrial oven, however good results can be achieved using an infrared curing lamp, bar heater or heat gun (if you are not in a rush). See our blog for some curing methofds our customers have posted to us.

Where can I purchase powder?

Please contact us with your requirements, i.e. colour/quantity. We will sell minimum quantities of 1/2kg  or 1/4kg bags (1/4kg for metallics and 1/2kg for plain colours).

DIY Powder Coating: The Step-by-Step Guide to a Perfect Finish

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