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Chameleon Pink Pearl

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Our Chameleon Pink Pearl high metallic finish is specially formulated for application over a Powder Coat base (different colour bases dramatically determine the final colour).  In addition, our Pearl top coat finishes are designed to cure at high temperatures, ensuring optimal durability.

The Chameleon Pink Pearl high metallic finish provides a captivating pearlescent appearance with a touch of vibrant pink. Its fine metallic particles create a mesmerizing effect, reflecting light and producing stunning colour variations.

Experience the captivating beauty of our Chameleon Pink Pearl high metallic finish, adding a vibrant and sophisticated touch to your powder-coated surfaces.

Weight: 1/4kg or 2.5kg

All our powders are double bagged in heavy gauge re-sealable bags.


Designed & Manufactured in the UK


We offer telephone and email support based in the UK.


Our powder-coating guns come with a lifetime warranty

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