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Get 20% off ALL Powder-Coating Guns with code: SPRINGSAVINGS until 22nd April.
Get 20% off ALL Powder-Coating Guns with code: SPRINGSAVINGS until 22nd April.


Purchased system @ Kit Car Exeter, Very good results!!!
- Regards Tom

Thank you for sending me the powder coating system I am very pleased with it's ease of use and the results.I have attached a photo of some car and motorcycle parts which I have coated.  
- Thanks again, Willie

Just a quick note to say I am over the moon with your system. I recently aquired a built in electric oven, installed it in garage on its own 13amp (2040watt) power supply. Tested with your chrome finish on my1970 MGB GT's ashtray; came out just perfect. 
- Rodger

Just to let you know the chrome powder coating I got from you the other week looks fantastic ! Well pleased with the result.
- Dex

Thanks for the quick reply ! I heard about you on the gtr owners club forum, a guy on there posted pictures of the parts he had coated, and also put a link to your website in the thread.  I reckon you might get a few more gtr owners contacting you as his results were superb.
- Rob

I bought a powder coat kit a few months back and have been busy powder coating everything I can find in my engine bay. I am very impressed with the results.
- Guy

I have recently purchased one of your kits, and I am very impressed with the first results i have been having.
- Garth

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