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Step by Step Guide

We have put together this simple 'step by step' guide to be used in conjunction with the 14 page manual supplied with every system. If there is a guide you would like to help you with the use of our system please let us know.


Step 1

Ensure all rust/corrosion is removed from the part, then degrease, note use a lint free cloth as the fibres can adhere to the part and leave imperfections on the cured part. Allow the part to dry fully prior to applying powder. At this point mask off any threads or areas not requiring covering with powder.

Step 2

Hang the part on a hook and attach the earth clamp in a discrete area. Note without a good earth to the part you will never get good coverage or efficient use of powder.

Step 3

Screw the flow screw to closed position (clockwise) then while aiming the gun tip away from the part pull the gun trigger fully, gradually unscrew the flow screw so the powder exits the tip of the gun as a gentle cloud, eventually experience will determine the size of the cloud.

Step 4

Aim the gun at the part to be coated approx 200mm away, depress the pedal and keep it depressed (green light comes on) then apply the powder by pressing the gun trigger, ensure all of the part is fully coated. Note coat all internal corners first as it will be harder to get full coverage if left till last.

Step 5

Unclip the earth lead and without depressing the pedal, spray the powder over the area where the earth clamp was positioned to provide full coverage


Step 6

Finally inspect the part for imperfections and full coverage, then transfer the coated part on the hook to the oven (or other heat source) taking care not to rub the powder off.


Step 7

Cure the part by achieving a surface temperature of 180 deg c then letting it cure for a further 10 minutes (for some powders this will vary up to 200 deg c for 15 min's) As a tip, the surface of the part will be at the correct temp when it fully glosses over.


Step 8

When the part has fully cured in the oven let it cool down and it is then ready for use. Note if you have any masked areas remove the tape when still warm as it is much easier.

NOTE: Please refer to supplied manual for safety related information

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