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Homemade Powder Coating Oven Pic's - electrostaticMAGIC

Homemade Powder Coating Oven Pic's

After purchasing your Powder Coating kit at Race Retro we have finally built our two storey oven. Mostly used with the top dustbin only but we are able to coat longer objects up to 1 metre in height.
The main heat source is a Halogen Oven cut into the top available cheaply on Amazon which with the addition of a heat gun poked through a hole in the bottom of the lower dustbin achieves 175 degrees C after about 10 minutes. The cooker has a built in fan so gives you a DIY Circotherm Oven! The cooker also has the added bonus of a Pyrex top which provides a viewing point.
The thermostats are just cheap BBQ ones available on eBay and are drilled through the dustbin and bolted in position.
We bought Ceramic Insulation used to insulate Kilns in order to both keep the heat in and for safety. The whole lot is then insulated on the outside with Radiator bubble foil and builders foil roofing tape.
To provide two levels we cut a 1.5mm thick sheet of Steel with a Jigsaw and tack welded it in to give the top bin a platform to sit on as the bins are slightly tapered at the bottom.
We will take you up on your offer of a free bag of powder and we would love to try out the High Chrome colour.
We are in the process of building a tubular spray booth with collecting funnel which we will also send up to you when finished.
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