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Easy Coat used with Halogen Heater & Dustbin!

Easy Coat used with Halogen Heater & Dustbin!


I'm not someone who would normally go to the trouble of writing and thanking a company for supplying me with goods or services, but on this rare occasion, I had to write and say big thanks, for everything.

For years I have seen you at shows, must have driven you mad with all my questions, then finally I got one of your Easy Coat DIY powder coating systems. It’s so easy, I wished I bought one years ago!

My reason for holding back for all the years, was quite simply because I couldn't believe it was that simple. I have had a go at many things, including spray painting in the past (without great success), things that look easy when done by a professional, but not so easy for most “DIYers”.  Your powder coating system, really is easy, I took it out of the box and started powder coating. First time was a great result (not perfect) and with a few goes I was achieving results that I was satisfied with, and I'm am extremely fussy! I am now very popular with my friends (and their friends), some have actually offered me money to do work for them, that’s how good the results are.

The oven

The baking/curing was another concern and was a contributing factor as to why I didn’t get a kit sooner.  I have enclosed some images of my early makeshift oven, it works really well, but does restrict the size of the item I’m powder coating.  It’s a galvanised dustbin, sourced from Wickes, with a hole cut either side to allow for a bar to pass through and hang the items from. A local metal workshop, cut  the round support and the heat source was ‘liberated’ from a friends’  parents, but can be bought from It  gets up to temperature very quickly and retains it, although it might look a bit “Heath Robinson”, it works well. My new found popularity and desire to powder coat everything in sight has encouraged me to take the next step and build my own oven.  This link might interest you and your customers


Thank you once again, for your patience prior to buying the kit and ongoing support and advice, it’s a great kit and I would recommend it to anyone. In my opinion, you need very little skill to achieve excellent results, the kit will pay for itself on the first few jobs, plus you have the convenience and satisfaction of doing it yourself. Ten out of ten.


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