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Curing powder coating with heat lamps - electrostaticMAGIC

Curing powder coating with heat lamps


Hi There, 

I recently purchased one of you powder coating systems, and I have to say I was pretty amazed at the results I got from it.

After a ton of stress with a local powder coater getting the colour match all wrong on the two most important pieces and then after being asked to strip and re-coat it when I got it back it was worse than ever, it turns out they didn’t bother to strip it they just tried to re-coat over the top so I took it away not too happy and had it chemically stripped and took it back for them to just put the silver base coat on.

That’s when I decided to buy one of your DIY home kits, and as you can see the results are amazing, I have only done the two rear sections as these were the only ones in need of work. But I have some plans now for a ton of other parts on the quad, which is why if the offer of free powder is still available I would like some chrome silver please.

I used a couple of infra-red heaters that we have in work and I had to move it up as it cured, as you can see they were a bit too long to get in one hit, but they worked a treat.

For anyone that’s interested I am building an R1 powered Yamaha Raptor 700. 

I am sending some pics right now via the bigfiles thing

Kind regards 



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