Powder Coating - Powder Canisters

We offer a wide selection of Powder Coating Powders colours and finishes supplied in handy canisters.

Our canister powders are polyester based providings great resistance to the outdoor elements. Manufactured from high quality pigments you can be rest assured your project will look fantastic for many years to come, as they have great resistance to UV, salts etc. They come supplied in a canister that fits directly on  to our Easy Coat Powder Coating System that makes for easy changing of colour.

As a rough guideline 1/2 litre of powder equates to 450 grams of powder dependent on colour, as all our powder have slightly different density's





Just by adding a small amount of additive to our clear powder when over coating a base colour you can create a metallic/flip finish!

Just to let you know the chrome powder coating I got from you the other week looks fantastic ! Well pleased with the result. - Dex 
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